четверг, 19 марта 2009 г.

iPhone OS 3.0

Запоздало, но все же список фич:
* Cut, copy, and paste across applications (including photos)
* Text message forwarding and deletion of individual messages
* Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
* The addition of Spotlight to search your entire device
* Searching in Mail, iPod, Calendar, Contacts
* Support for landscape keyboard mode in Mail, Notes, Text messaging
* In-App purchases (such as subscription renewals or buying extra game levels)
* Peer-to-peer networking via bluetooth (P2P)
* Apps that can control accessories
* Developer access to the Maps API (to embed Google Maps in apps)
* Core Location GPS technology for turn-by-turn directions
* Unified push notification Service (apps will update when not running)
* APIs to allow for in-app email or iPod access
* New video streaming capabilities (HTML 5 video, h.264 and HTTP streaming)
* Voice memos (can be emailed or sent via MMS)
* Enhancements to the Stocks app
* Syncing of notes with your Mac
* Shake to shuffle iPod songs
* MobileSafari will have auto-fill and antiphishing features
* Stereo bluetooth support
* Parental controls on the AppStore
* 1,000 new APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

Особенно позабавил пункт "Developer access to the Maps API (to embed Google Maps in apps)", думаю многие кто уже писал приложения с картами под iPhone используюя webView и кучу велосипедов с javascript сейчас кусают локти +)

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